Jazzy Bike Pants: Lauren & Tyler


We're extremely excited to introduce to you local creatives, Lauren and Tyler. The team behind sassy Melbourne lifestyle brand Jazzy Bike Pants.


Jazzy is fun, funky and empowering! Their “do-any-damn-activity” shorts are described as for “anyone who loves to move, dance, run, cycle, hike, squat, lunge, cartwheel, downward dog, eat, sip and party”. There’s even a 90s inspired print to bring us some good nostalgic vibes! Love it!

Let’s find out more about Jazzy.

Tell us about the brand and how did it all begin?

Jazzy was born from our own needs in early 2016 ~ we’d both recently moved to Melbourne from Amsterdam, where we’d spent several years living, working and loving the cycle-centric lifestyle. We wanted to bring that approach to our lives in Australia, but struggled to find the right attire to allow us to cycle comfortably in the warmer climate here. 

We were on the hunt for shorts that were comfortable, fashionable, locally-made and designed for the female form. We couldn’t find what we were after, so the idea for Jazzy was born! She’s all about celebrating the freedom of movement after all.

Describe the brand in 5 words.

She’s sassy, fun, inclusive, empowering and confident.

What inspires the range? Any key influences?

We collaborate with local designers, creatives and friends. They’re a huge source of inspiration for us and we really enjoy the creative process with them. Another source of inspiration is 90’s nostalgia. We both rocked bike pants in our childhood and naturally love the resurgence they’re having again now. 

Describe the process in bringing a collection to life.

The first part of the design process is one of our faves. We start by creating moodboards of colours, shapes and prints which we then use as a visual brief for our creatives. We want them to bring their own flair to the pieces, so we keep the brief pretty open for interpretation. We work with them through several rounds of refinement to ensure we’ve got the right colours, design and tone that’ll work for the brand and product. Once the design is finalised, we bring on the pattern maker, fabric supplier and clothing manufacturer to work their magic, so we can get the right fabric, fit, cut and shape for our product. Once we’re happy with the sample and have tested it out, it goes off to production! 

Every part of the process happens in Australia (mostly in Melbourne), allowing us to go through each step in person with our team.

What are the highlights of the brand so far?

We love seeing our creative ideas come to life in a product that people can wear and truly enjoy. A major highlight is seeing strangers wear and rep Jazzy. 

The Jazzy community is so supportive, strong and vibrant, it’s a total pleasure engaging with them and seeing them support one another. 

Personally, we love being able to live in Jazzy all weekend (when we’re not being boss babes in the creative industry during the week). 

What are the future aspirations for the brand?

We’re looking to expand on the Jazzy collection and create the ultimate Jazzy sets. Bring on the Jazzy uniform peaches!

We also want to grow the Jazzy community, and spend more time getting to know this fabulous gang.

Is there a dream collaboration you would love to do?

Jazzy is all about supporting creatives, so we would love to collaborate with more of these talented babes on future Jazzy collections.

Any advice you can give others wanting to start their own label?

Trust your gut and get started. Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice and help. Everyone has been super helpful and supportive of us, and we love sharing that support with the community. It’s a nice feeling.

Mud and Matzor: We would like to thank Lauren and Tyler for their time and for sharing the Jazzy story with us.

Please checkout Jazzy online or follow Jazzy on Instagram @jazzybikepants.