Talking Sneakers with Simon



What’s the sneaker that got you into collecting?

The shoe that really turned me into a sneakerhead was the Jordan V that originally came out in 1990.  I loved that shoe and they were massive at my high school, but I was too young to have a job back then and there was no way I could convince my Mum to get me a pair.

Fast forward 10 years later and I was finally able to get a pair when they were retroed in 2000. I’d always loved kicks, but that was pretty much the beginning of my collection.


What’s your favourite sneaker?  And why?

The shoe that turned me into a sneakerhead, the Jordan V, is still my all-time favourite shoe.  It’s the shoe that got me into collecting and it’s the shoe that I waited 10 years to get my hands on.

The Black/Black-Metallic Silver is definitely my favourite colourway and it was awesome to see it retro again last year with the “Nike Air” back on the shoe. 


What’s the most coveted sneaker in your collection?

I really liked the Kobe V when it was released and loved that some of the colourways that come out were inspired by Kobe’s favourite things.  Being a massive cartoon fan when I was a kid meant that I had to get a pair of the Kobe V “Darknights” when they come out, but I have to say I always have a thing for the Joker and the Kobe V “Chaos” or “Jokers” are probably one of the pairs I love the most in my collection.


What’s the sneaker you’d most like to have in your collection?

I’d love to get my hands on a pair of Nike Air MAGs.  I don’t like my chances of getting a hold of a pair, but I loved the Back to the Future movies and that Nike and Tinker Hatfield released them on “Back to the Future” day.


What’s your go to sneaker?

My go to sneaker is definitely the Nike Air Max 90.  Again it’s a shoe that originally came out when I was in high school, but I think it’s a shoe that has never really gone out of style and you can wear them with almost anything.  I’m end wearing a pair most days.


Favourite Five!

Kobe 5 Dark Knight
Kobe 5 Joker (Chaos)
Air Max 90 OG Infrared (2015)
Air Jordan 5 Metallic (2016)
Air Jordan 5 Metallic (2000)

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